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The Marvelettes - Part 5

The Marvelettes

Part 5: unreleased songs

I Can’t Help It

My Baby Won’t Come Back

From Now On

Don’t Fence Me In

That’s The Way I See Him

One Kiss Led To Another

You Better Behave

Queen Of The Fools

Dance A While, Cry A While

Johnny Do Right

You Better Cool It

Grass Seems Greener (On The Other Side)

Knock On My Door

You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

The Train That’s Bringing My Baby

Because I Love Him

I Just Can’t Let Him Down

I Should’ve Known Better

On The Other Side Of Town

Little Girls Grow Up

The Boy From Crosstown (1965 version)

Learning To Forget You

Maybe I Dried My Tears (For The Last Time)

Just One More Kiss (Before You Leave Me)

So Glad It’s Summertime

You Lost The Sweetest Boy

I Hope You Have Better Luck Than I Did

Poor Little Rich Girl

Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet As You

The Boy From Crosstown (1966 version)

There Is No Tomorrow (Only Tears And Sorrow)

Breakthru (I've Got My Freedom)

I Can’t Wait Till Summer Comes

Love Is Good

Caught You Putting The Game On Love

When My Love Was Born

Why'd You Do It

Change Of Heart

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