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The Corsells aka Buffalo Soldier

The Corsells
aka Buffalo Soldier
(New York City, NY)

L-R: Clive James (“Pete”), Ernest Hargrave (“Showboat), Herbert
Artist (“Herby”), Aaron Jeter (“Jessie”) and Laurence Kenny (“Larry”)

Group members:

Clive “Pete” James (lead singer, baritone)
Ernest “Showboat” Hargrave (lead singer, baritone)
Ronald Cruse (first tenor) [left the group]
Herbert “Herby” Artist (first tenor)
Aaron “Jessie” Jeter (second tenor)
Laurence “Larry” Kenny (bass)


The Corsells

1964 – Nobody Heard About Me / Party Time (Hudson 8104)

Buffalo Soldier

1970 - The Land Of Perdition / same (SMC 113) (promo)
1970 - The Land Of Perdition / What Could It Be (SMC 113/114)

Biography (by Aaron Jeter):

I grew up in a neighborhood where there were many “stars” of the day. My influences include: Little Anthony and The Imperials; The Chantels; most notably was The Creations (who never made it). I never heard anything like them, before or since. The lead singer could take a song from a Broadway musical and turn it into a Soul song! 

Billboard February 8, 1964

The Corsells were founded in 1961 on 147th St and Amsterdam Ave in New York City. I and a fellow named Ronald Cruse used to hit harmony together and decided to form a group. The remaining guys were hand-picked.

Cash Box January 25,  1964
Clive James grew up in the Bronx and Ernest Hargrave in Suffolk, VA. He served in Vietnam from 1965 to 1966. Herbert Artist, Laurence Kenny and I grew up in New York City. Ronald Cruse grew up around the block from me. He had to leave the group for personal reasons.

We recorded many songs from 1962 to 1964, but only “Nobody Heard About Me” and “Party Time” were published. We were quickly knocked out by The Beatles. We played around at different clubs for 5 years and tried to make a comeback as Buffalo Soldier. We played the Apollo Theater twice, opened for Wilson Pickett, Jackie Wilson, The Jive Five and Marvin Gay, to name a few.

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldiers “Land Of Perdition” played on the radio a couple of times. Despite our attempt, it didn’t make the charts.

The Beatles changed the style of music from what we were doing before. Shortly after, they all passed away during the mid-70s through mid-90s.-What a great bunch of guys! I am the only remaining surviving member.

 Record World November 21, 1970

Many Thanks to Aaron Jeter!


Nobody Heard About Me / Party Time

The Land Of Perdition

What Could It Be

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