Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

Johnnie & Joe - Part 2

Johnnie & Joe

Part 2: songs

Feel Alright

I’ll Be Spinning

Over The Mountain, Across The Sea

My Baby's Gone, On, On

It Was There

There Goes My Heart

I Was So Lonely

If You Tell Me You're Mine

Trust In Me

Who Do You Love

Why Did She Go

Why Oh Why


My Baby's Gone (And Left Me)

My Baby's Gone (And Left Me) (outtake)

Warm, Soft And Lovely

False Love Has Got To Go

Red Sails In The Sunset

Where Did She Go?

I Adore You

I Want You Here Beside Me

Why Do You Hurt Me So

Your Love

You Said It And Don't Forget It

Across The Sea

Over The Mountain (Part 2)

Won't You Come Back To Me

Speak Softly (Angel)

We Get That Feelin'

My Ideal

 That Trash

My Dreams Have Been Bubbles

 Why Don't You Stop

You're Just Right For The Part

 You're In Love With Someone Else

The Devil Said No, Gone With Your Bad Self

You Can Always Count On Me

Here We Go, Baby

That's The Way You Go

Over The Mountain, Across The Sea (Lana version)

Shortening Bread

You're The Loveliest Song I Ever Heard

Let Your Mind Do The Walking

Crying To The World Outside

My Baby Is So Sweet

False Love Has Got To Go

Jamaica - Our Thing

Sincere Love

Tell Me

Kingdom Of Love

Tossin' Turnin' (Yearnin' Burnin' For Your Love)

I Feel Alright

The Highest Mountain, The Deepest River

When I Write The Book

God Sent Me You


Queen Of My Heart

Dear I Swear

If I Just Had You

True Love

Sooner Or Later

A Fool Am I

I Pray To Keep Our Love Strong

My Dearest, My Love

Over Which Mountain

You Broke Our Hearts

Help Me Brother

I Wish That Someone Was Me

Right For The Part (unrel. vers.)

You Can Always Count On Me (unrel. vers.)

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