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Kenny & The Be-Bops

Kenny & The Be-Bops
(North Bay, Ontario)

Group members:

Jim Sasyniuk
Jimmy Kripotos
Bill Ledster
John Ranger
Kenny Roy


1961 –Lindy Lou / My Life (Chateau 116)

Biography (by John Ranger):
I played a little piano a few chords that Mom showed me and I would fiddle with it once in a while but nothing serious. Then came Rock and Roll. Wow Jerry Lee Lewis was a huge influence on me at that time. I took on a different look at the piano.I met Kenny Roy a friend who played guitar and he was putting a band together called The Be Bops and asked me to join. I do remember saying well I don't know much and he said none of us know much. So here we are at my house practicing because I had the piano.n 1960, after playing together for a few years, the Be Bops released their first 45 called LINDY LOU. Playing in northern Ontario & Quebec, The Be Bops were a great fifties band, but short lived. I had tons of fun in the fifties, but I wasn't seriously thinking about music then. But who cared? I was sixteen. Band members were: Jim Sasyniuk, Jimmy Kripotos, Bill Ledster, Myself, and Kenny Roy. Also Ray Quinn our first drummer.



Lindy Lou

My Life