Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Martha & The Vandellas - Part 4

Martha (Reeves) & The Vandellas

Part 4: unreleased songs

Coney Island

I’ll Be Standing By

Watch Him Now

You Just Wouldn’t Listen

Better Think It Over

Time Changes Things

It’s Hard To Walk Away

I Want To Be With You Tonight

Undecided Lover


Someday, Someway

Contract On Love

I’m Willing To Pay The Price

Build Him Up

I Remember You

Memories Are Made Of This

Give Him Up

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

C’mon And Swim

Can't Break The Habit

I Got It Bad

It's Your Wedding Day

Missing Lover

Testifying For Love

Too Far Gone To Save Myself

Too Much Pressure On My Heart

That's How Bad

I Can't Understand It

Miss Lonely Heart

S.O.S. (Girl In Distress)


You Neglect Me

Keep Stepping (Never Look Back)

You've Been On My Mind

I Can't Take It

I Can't Help It (I Love You)

It's Easy To Fall In Love (With A Guy Like You)

The Tracks Of My Tears

If You Don't Want My Love

Hold On I’m Coming

Save Some Room In Your Heart

You Can Have Him

Love Where Are You Hiding

Since You've Been Gone

Looking In The Mirror

For Once In My Life

Lone Lonely Town

A Little Bit Of Heaven (On A Little Patch Of Earth)

Candy Man

I Promise To Wait My Love (unedited mono version)

It Must Be Him

I Can't Erase The Way I Feel

In A World Of My Own

Remember Me

Oh, I've Been Bless'd

Love, Don't Take A Holiday

Don't Say You Love Me

I've Got To See You

Light My Fire

Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

Take It Off

We Will

I'll Take A Raincheck (If Love Invites Me)

Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)

Start With Joy In The Morning

Full Speed Ahead

Operation Teamwork

I'm Glad You Belong To Me

Is There A Place (In His Heart For Me)

I've Got Nothing Left To Cling To

I've Gotta Have Somebody To Rely On

Hooked Real Good On A Bad Thing


Standing Ovation

Don't Leave Your Baby

I Can't Wait Till Summer Comes

Let Me Fall In Love With You

Where Was I (When Love Came By)

There's Love In This World

Talkin' 'Bout Love

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