Samstag, 14. März 2015

The Crew-Cuts - Part 3

The Crew-Cuts

Part 3: Songs on singles (2)

The Angelus / Whatever, Wherever, Whoever

Susie-Q / Such A Shame

I Sit In My Window

Hey, You Face

Be My Only Love

I Like It Like That

Hey! Stella

Forever, My Darling

That’s My Desire

Baby Be Mine

Fraternity Pin / Can You Hear Me

Gone, Gone, Gone

Someone In Heaven



No, No, Nevermore

It Is No Secret

American Beauty Rose / The Shrine On The Top Of The Hill (Ave Maria No Morro)

Going To Church On Sunday

Aura Lee

Over The Mountain / Searchin’

You And The Angels / I Care For You

 Why Not


Number One With Me

The Legend Of Gunga Din

Laura Love / Little Donkey

Twistin' All Around The World

Electric Chair


You’re A Star, Donna, Donna

The Three Bells

Spanish Is A Loving Tongue

Ain’t That Nice

Yea, Yea, She Wants Me

You’ve Been In / My Heart Belongs To Only You

Released on EPs in France and Australia only:

Stomp And Whistle

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