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The M-M’s & The Peanuts

The M-M’s & The Peanuts
aka The M-M & The Peanuts aka The M&M &The Peanuts
(Los Angeles, California)

Willie Donell Malone, Pat White, Norman Otis Richmond
Thanks to Jean-Christophe!

Group members:

Pat White
Willie Donell Malone
Norman Otis Richmond



1964 - Open Up Your Eyes / Lil' Valley (Money 101)
1964 - The Phillie / I Found My Love (Money 107)
1965 - Without A Word / My Belief (Money 111)


1964 - Can’t Say No (Money)


The M-M’s & The Peanuts comprised of Pat White, Willie Donell Malone and Norman Otis Richmond. Richmond was born in Arcadia, Louisiana but moved to Los Angeles at a young age. Arcadia is also the place where Bettye Swanne grew up. Richmond and Swanne were label mates on Los Angeles based Money Records. Richmond recorded with M & M and the Peanuts. Swanne had a monster hit with “Make Me Yours”. H.B. Barnum, who has been Aretha Franklin’s music director for many years, was Richmond’s next door neighbor when his family moved from Louisiana to the projects in Los Angeles.

“Lil' Valley” was the name of a tough South LA gang that used to chase M&M Willie Malone’s outfit off the streets.


Open Up Your Eyes

Lil’ Valley

The Phillie

I Found My Love

Without A Word

My Belief

Can’t Say No

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