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The Contessas (2)

The Contessas (2)
(New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Phyllis Stateman, Joyce (Stateman) Walker, Mary Bivins Perry, Toni Stateman
Group members:

Mary Bivins Perry (lead)
Joyce (Stateman) Walker
Antoinette “Toni” Stateman
Phyllis Stateman



1968 – Just – Love - Me / It’s Time For Crying (WGW 18704)


1968 - You Don’t Know My Name (WGW)
1968 – Broken Heart (WGW)
1968 – I Like Your Walk (WGW)
1968 – Give Me What You Got (WGW)
1968 – I’m Not A Toy (WGW)

Unreleased backup vocals:

1968 - Feel It With Your Heart (WGW)
1968 – Ecstasy (WGW)


The sisters Joyce, Toni and Phyllis Stateman and Mary Bivins Perry formed The Contessas in 1967. Joyce (Stateman) Walker was a member of the Doo Wop group The Golden Bells in the late 50s. The Contessas sang in several clubs around New Brunswick and on the campuses of a number of nearby colleges.
Mary Bivins Perry, Phyllis Stateman, Joyce (Stateman) Walker, Toni Stateman

The group recorded several songs for the WGW label in 1968. Of the songs recorded, only “Just - Love - Me” and “It’s Time For Crying” were issued. For further information read Pam and Charlie Horner’s article (pdf) in “Echoes of the Past” magazine No. 107 please.


Just – Love - Me

It’s Time For Crying

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